We Live A Life and Then Some

They Lived A Life And Then Some
The Life, Death and Life of a Mining Town
by Charlie Angus and Britt Griffin

Born out of a turn-of-the-century silver bonanza, the mining community of Cobalt, Ontario, spurred a world-wide speculative boom. Within a few short years tyhe town boasted a professional hockey team, an opera hall, and an extensive streetcar system. But the reality for the people who made their home in Cobalt was far less glamourous.

Based on in-depth interviews with local residents and rich archival sources, We Lived A Life And Then Some reveals the unique culture of a hardrock mining town. It's a culture that lives for the long-shot winner and the lucky roll of the dice. Yet Cobalt has lost as many times as it has won in the mining crap-shoot. And the odds get higher all the time.

Well worth reading this insightful commentary on the colourful history of this place that will not give up.

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ISBN: 978-1-896357-06-5 | WMPub#8092 | 6" x 9"
146 pages; trade paperback | $19.95



One of the richest, most thorough, and most moving accounts of Canadian working life you will ever encounter."

from the Foreword by Lawrence McBrearty, national Director, USWA.

It's marvelous, it's engaging, it's superbly crafted. It's the kind of writing that true northerners, the kind of northerner that lives in and loves the north, has been starved for.

The Timmins Times

A fast-moving, highly readable tale of life in one of the north's earliest mining camps, told mainly in the voices of the people who lived it.

Mick Lowe, Northern Life