Silver and Gold

Silver & Gold
Pictorial Souvenir of the Mines of Northern Ontario

Originally published by the Cobalt Nugget in 1916, this reproduction published by The Cobalt Historical Society and the former Highway Book Shop in 2003 is being made available through our store. As in the original, the book is stapled on the edge and secured with cording through the three holes punched.

This book captures in pictures the major mines in the Cobalt, Kirkland Lake and Timmins camps. (See list of mines pictured below.) Primarily pictures, the book contains the same information on each page as the original 1916 edition.

Inside the book

ISBN: 0-88954-429-8 | WMPub#8893 | 12.25" x 9"
64 pages; stapled/corded paper | $10.00

Table of Contents

2 Record of Northern Ontario's Record of Gold and Silver Production

3 Temiskaming & Northern Ontario Railway

Cobalt Station

J. L. Englehart, Chairman

Englehart Station

Members of the First Commission

Head Office in North Bay

First Train crossing bridge at Englehart

Cobalt and District

4 Town of Cobalt in 1905 and then in 1906

5 Cobalt in 1916-two views

6 Larose Consolidated Mines, Limited

7 Temiskaming and Hudson Bay Mine

8 Tretheway Mining Company, Limited

9 The Tretheway Mill

10 The O'Brien Mine

11 Mill at the O'Brien Mine

12 Northern Ontario Light and Power Co., Limited

13 Lumsden Mining Company Limited

14 Peterson Lake Mining Company Limited

15 Beaver Mine

16 Temiskaming Mining Company Limited

17 The Temiskaming Mill

18 Kerr Lake Mining Company Limited

19 The Cobalt Comet (formerly the Drummond Mine)

20 Crown Reserve Mine

21 A rich silver vein

22 Penn Canadian Mines

23 The Dominion Reduction Company Limited

24 Right of Way Mining Company Limited

25 Chambers-Ferland Mining Company Limited

26 Nipissing Mining Company Limited

27 Nipissing High-Grade Mill

28 Over Quarter Million Dollars in Silver

29 Nipissing Low-Grade Mill

30 Nipissing Mining Company Limited -Shaft #73

31 McKinley-Darragh-Savage Mining Company, mill and mine buildings

32 Coniagas Mine

33 Buffalo Mines, Limited

34 Buffalo Mines-tailings dump

35 Townsite Mine

36 Mill of the Cobalt Reduction Company (Mining Corporation of Canada, Limited)

37 City of Cobalt Mine (Mining Corporation of Canada, Limited)

38 Cobalt Lake Mine (Mining Corporation of Canada, Limited)

39 New Mill for the Northern Customs Concentrators, Limited

40 Cobalt Mines

The Adanac

National Mines Limited (formerly the King Edward Mine)

Calumet and Montana Mine (formerly the Airgiold Mine)

The Ophir Mine

John Black Mine operated by the People's Mining Company

41 Casey Cobalt Mining Company Limited

42 South Lorrain Mining District

The Wettlaufer Mine

The Currie Mine

The Belle Ellen Mine

The Lorrain Consolidated


43 Miller Lake-O'Brien Mine, Gowganda

43 The Milleret, Gowganda

Boston Creek

44 Richardson Albright Papassimakes Syndicate, Boston Creek

44 Miller Independence Mines, Boston Creek

Kirkland Lake

45 Kirkland Lake Gold Mines Limited (the McKane property)

45 Lake Shore Mine, Kirkland Lake

45 LaBelle Kirkland Lake Gold Mines Limited at Good Fish Lake

46 Tough-Oakes Gold Mines Limited, Kirkland Lake

47 Mill of the Tough-Oakes Gold Mines Limited, Kirkland Lake

48 Teck-Hughes Mining Company Limited, Kirkland Lake

Timmins and District

49 Croesus Mine, Munroe Township

49 Davidson Gold Mines, Porcupine

50 Town of Timmins

50 Town of South Porcupine

51 The Dome Mines Limited

52 The Dome Mill

53 The Dome "Glory Hole"

54 General View of the Dome Extension Property and Buildings

54 The Newray Mines Company of Porcupine (formerly the Rea)

55 Porcupine Crown Mines

56 Hollinger Consolidated Gold Mines Limited.

57 The Hollinger Mill

58 Acme Gold Mine (now included in Hollinger Consolidated Gold Mines Limited)

Administrative Building Hollinger Consolidated Gold Mines Limited

59 What a gold mine looks like underground

60 McIntyre Porcupine Mines Limited

60 The Jupiter Mine

60 The McIntyre Extension Mine

61 Porcupine Vipond Mines Limited

62 West Dome Consolidated Mines Limited

63 Dome Lake Mining and Milling Company

64 Schumacher Gold Mines Limited

64 North Thompson Associated Gold Mines Limited