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Davf's Notes
by Leslie Belland

Leslie Belland's notes include an eclectic collection of stories, poems and recipes. More commonly known around the world as "Davf" or "Daffy", Leslie Belland was born in Temiskaming Shores and raised in Muskoka. She joined the Royal Canadian Navy in Frontenac County, and later served with Canadian Foreign Affairs and Transport Canada.

Dafv-- Leslie BellandLeslie Belland

Unique in vision and style, these stories and poems will leave an indelible mark on your imagination. The recipes are a gift. I've tried most of them—except the Moose Milk. Can't put together 79 other victims for that one. (Apparently in the Navy it's easier to do that. And their mixers are big enough.)

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Table of Contents

7 Courier Detail

11 Pacific Rim

12 Pacific Rim

21 The Letter

32 Daily Dream

33 Time Renewed

34 Our Place

43 A Miracle, You Say

44 Playing War

45 The News

47 The Garden

50 The Spirit Moving Me

51 The Garden, Part II

58 Believing Is The Key

59 Spirit And Flesh

60 Too Near

61 Davf's War

63 More Than Just A Phase

64 Tossed Away

65 The Solution

67 Optimist's Shelves

68 Sixteen

69 Gee, I Wished You'd Love Me Too

70 The Gal In The Glass

71 One Titillating Raunchy Story

77 Gail & George Update

79 Alzheimer's or Grief

80 The Garden Part III

Davf's Favourite Recipes

84 Prawns and Peanut Sauce

85 Capicola traditionnel (Pork roast)

86 Granola

87 Granola Energy Bar

88 Rice Flour Muffins

89 Davf's Ship's Biscuits

90 Peach Conserve

91 Navy Moose Milk

92 Ginger Wine

94 Bread

96 Chocolate Drop Cookies

97 Butter Tarts

97 Shortbread


98 Asquith David Belland

99 God's Garden

100 Don't Quit

101 Pearl Dorothy Foreman Belland

103 Dear Editor