The Song Will Always Return by Michael Moran

The Song Will Always Return
by Mike Moran

Born and raised in west Toronto, Michael Moran wrote his first poem in 2001. He has had poetry published several times in the intervening years. Singing in a choir also occupies much of Michael's time.

Photography has also been a passion for Michael. The cover photograph earned Michael an award from the Toronto Public Library in 2001.

Michael Moran

This poetry book has sold hundreds of copies before now being available on the internet, so it will be interesting to see how it will fare.

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ISBN:1-894747-24-0 | WMPub# 8936 | 5½" x 8½"
40 pages, chapbook | $9.95

Table of Contents

7God's Healing Sunlight

8The Splendor of My Lord

9O Holy Father

10Broken Wings

11Be Still My Child

12You Were Always There

13The Song Will Always Return

14Take the Hand

15My Wish for You

16Call Me

17Soldier Calling Out

18Troubled Heart

19Loving Touch

20Never Forgotten

21Holding on to Faith

22A Walk in the Park

23A Gentle Man

24Out of the Cold

25No Tears this Christmas Eve

26Special Lady

27Prayer to My Father

28Always with You

29Shining Eyes

30A Shining Star

31Walking Alone in Love

32Christmas Tree

33Times Alone

34This Time

35Silent Voices

36Only A Dream

37Comfort Zone

38Leap Of Faith


Soldier Calling Out

Once brave and strong,

      now weakened by the long days of war

A soldier cries out in the silence of the night

      and nothing can be heard,

      only the echo of his lonely voice.

The battle of the human soul can only be measured by

      the grace and strength that God provides us

      who hears all voices night or day.

He is there beside us, even though

      we as the lonely soldier calling out

      do not always hear God's response.

But it will always be there

      if we hold on.