Solid on the Rock

Solid On The Rock
A century of memories at
St James' Anglican Church
Cobalt, Ontario

Like Cobalt itself, St. James' has never become a major edifice, but like the town, the church has settled down, surviving some incredibly good years, and a lot of poor ones. The congregation and its ministers have worked hard and diligently to preserve and improve the little frame structure.

Through its doors have passed both the famous, and some not-so-famous. A lot of very good people, and in all probability some who have fallen by the wayside. It has seen baptisms, confirmations, weddings and funerals --a lot of happy times, and also times of grief.

Since 1906, the people of the Town of Cobalt and Coleman Township have lived through cycles of boom and bust. Hundreds of them have been Church of England Anglicans.

Built around stories, information and photographs provided by church members or found in the church and Diocese of Algoma archives, this book celebrates the Centenary of St. James' Anglican Church, Cobalt, in August 2006.

It travels one hundred years alongside the St. James' congregation in the context of their times, their town, and their society.

ISBN: 0-9780851-0-8 | WMPub# 8954 | 6" x 9"
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