Special Pre-Loved Books

Since we opened the book store in 2014, some amazing old books have made their way into the store. We get a certain amount of traffic here in Cobalt, but these books need a wider audience.

These are one-of-a kind books here, and when they're sold, there's no way to tell if another one will come our way. It's first come, first served. It's also not an auction site. The price I'm asking is posted. Contacting me to dicker over price is not happening. Contacting me with questions about quality, or shipping is fine.

These books just need a new home that will appreciate them. What I have available will be listed here, and I'll give as much information online as I can.

Box set Karl May

9001  Klassische Meisterwerke Karl May,1952 Box set of 36 books in linen paperback reprint, in original cardboard box. VVA-Nr.: 243/00500


9002  front coverSongs and Poems of Robert Burns Published November 1912 by T. N. Foulis London & Edinburgh MCMXIII (printed Nov 1913 ) printers: Turnbull & Spears, Edinburgh. Contains 46 illustrations in colour plates "by many of the most eminent Scottish artists." All plates intact. Full cover, fairly good condition, some wear showing on bottom cover edge; 653 +17 introductory pages+ 46 plates (670 pages + 46 plates total), uncut deckle edges. SOLD