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October 12, 2019


Happy Thanksgiving

We really have a lot to be grateful for in this country. In spite of the malaise spreading around the world, we seem to inherit less of here than elsewhere. We have serious problems that need to be addressed, but there is the will among a growing number to address them. If any country is going to pull it together, I am hopeful it will be Canada.

Enjoy your weekend.


Northern Ontario Poetry Competition

Reaching North

The Launch this year was held September 7th, 2019 at 2:00 pm at the Paul Penna Library, Cobalt. We have already booked the Golden Age Club for the day Sept 12, 2020 for our 25th, and final, NOPC launch. We'll start with a seminar and workshop in the morning, Lunch and then Launch at 2:00 pm.


Stephen Lafricain

Congratulations go to Bruce W. Taylor whose book Stephen Lafricain, Grand Old Man of the River is a finalist for this year's Northern Lit Award. Although the judges enjoyed the book immensely, it did not win this year's award. Nominated is a great start for this little company, and Bruce did a wonderful job on this book. He should be very proud.


New Releases

Steep Rock, The Men and The Mines

Steep Rock ~The Men and The Mines by Bruce W. Taylor

Steep Rock, The Men and the Mines is a comprehensive history of the very exciting development of the Steep Rock iron deposits near Atikokan, Ontario. This second edition of the original published in 1978, provides an enduring account of this massive enterprise.

For this Second Edition: We have retained the original as far as possible with some notable exceptions:
     We have increased the font size from the original for easier reading, and so page numbers from the original will be different.
     We have taken the footnotes and made them endnotes starting on page 162, so that we could include them in a readable fashion at a reasonable font size.
     The Index is expanded.


Coming in November

Cal Taylor ~The War Years

Cal Taylor ~The War Years by Calvin James Taylor, edited by Patricia Taylor.

These are the chapters Cal wrote about his military service as a fighter pilot during the Second World War, and his return to civilian life in his hometown of Cobalt, Ontario, with his English bride, Vi, and their son Jim. This book spans the period from 1941 up to the point when in 1951 he re-enlisted in the RCAF. In 2014, the 70th anniversary of D-Day, Cal was one of 650 Canadian veterans a grateful Republic of France decorated with the title, Knight of the Legion of Honour. Print books available November. Will also be available in ebook formats.

Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar 2020

The 2020 edition

Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar 2019 still going strong in ebook format; we have very few print copies left. It's NOT too late to kick start your writing goals for 2019 and NOT too early to plan for 2020. Time moves pretty fast; please don't wait. The pre-publication offer for the 2020 edition is now posted and ends October 15th.

If you think that you'd ever have time to write and still know where to find all this information, collect it, and organize it, let me know. Anyone who says they could compile all of this on their own, has never tried to do it. This will be our eightteenth year compiling this resource for writers and there are always many changes each year.



On the website, we have added a new main division: Special Pre-Loved Books.

Since we opened the book store in 2014, some amazing old books have made their way into the store. We get a certain amount of traffic here in Cobalt, but these books need a wider audience. These are one-of-a kind books here, and when they're sold, there's no way to tell if another one will come our way. It's first come, first served. It's also not an auction site. The price I'm asking is posted. Contacting me to dicker over price is not happening. Contacting me with questions about quality, or shipping is fine.

These books just need a new home that will appreciate them. What I have available will be listed here, and I'll give as much information online as I can. If there are any questions, quirks, or problems, we want to know. Please email us or call the office (1-800-258-5451).


The Store continues

Hey, that's news in itself. Finishing our sixth summer (already!) in Cobalt, and we're looking forward to this year. The word is out, the visitors keep returning.

If you are visiting and have heard our radio announcements, please mention them. We are trying to track how effective different advertising methods are for the store.

As a reminder to those who have said they would post a review on TripAdvisor, doing so would be a huge favour and show of support (and thank-you to those who did). At least five people came into the store last summer saying that is where they discovered our store. The link is here: TripAdvisor reviews for White Mountain Publications, aka White Mountain Books. We appreciate all your support.


Cozy-by-the-Fireplace Reading Suggestions

Missing in Cobalt

Missing in Cobalt by Terry Cassidy is a murder mystery set in Cobalt 1949. A young woman's body is discovered in the ice in a Buffalo Mines adit, and from there, we have to discover who she is, how she got there, and of course, who did it. Have had rave reviews on this one. And yes, it is fiction.

Stephen Lafricain, Grand Old Man of the River

Stephen Lafricain
Grand Old Man of the River
by Bruce Taylor

Stephen Lafricain was born in 1837, and in his 99 years witnessed much history in both Canada and the United States, including treaty signing, the decline of the fur trade, the opening of northeastern Ontario to great mineral wealth. Well worth the read, and the history. Also available in ebook formats.

Immigrant in Porcupine

Immigrant in Porcupine

We launched Immigrant in Porcupine & His Later Journal with the author's daughter and family here May 31st. The book has been very well received. Having Helga and Steve here was wonderful, and those who stopped to visit had a good time.


Quarantine a novel by Terry Cassidy. Set in 1994, young Wat Moore is caught up in a devastating situation while visiting his father's laboratory in Ottawa. When it's believed that he has been exposed to a deadly and highly contagious pathogen, the government sends him into a quarantine that could last the rest of his life. A fast-paced story set in Ottawa, northern Ontario and north-western Quebec, Terry has given us another well-researched thriller.

The Summer of 1956

Summer of 1956~a hot summer in the Cold War Kenny, Bobby and Jake have a whole summer, and not much to do. Curiosity brings them to watch the operations at the North Bay airport in the summer of 1956. They become caught up in a clandestine supply run for the Cold War radar stations when they become a little too close and curious. Adventure, survival, and their reliance on one another make it the summer they will never forget, and really can't talk about either.

Books are a great gift for any time of year. They stand the test of time, become part of your life. The good ones can change your life, your perception of the world. Consider a great book for your gift giving year round.

We have compiled a list of the books we handle for the Little Claybelt Homesteaders Museum, similar to the one we have for the old Highway Book Shop books.

Yes, we have been busy. Hope all is well with you and yours. Have a great summer.

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