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July 3, 2021

Welcome to Summer 2021

People have been great; we've always had the best customers. And maybe we're doing something right, because many of them keep coming back, even if it's the once a year when they're in the area. I'm having a great time doing what I love to do. And it's not luck--I planned out most of it. Except the good time part--that seems to happen on its own. And I am grateful.

So we will continue to be busy. We are cautious, but not paranoid. It's a small store, and in the past six years I can count on four fingers the times there were more than 5 people in the store at one time. Usually it's ones and twos, so there's space. We want you to be comfortable. We have always wiped down screens, debit terminals, counters, so this is not a new protocol. It just happens more often now. Any of the pre-loved books going into our shelves are cleaned before they find their new (temporary) home. The new books are coming straight from the printers. No one is coming here to eat off the floors, and it's not a hospital. But it's as safe as we can make it, for both of us.

So we'd love to see you again. Stay cautious and stay well.


Here are some of our newer titles:

COBALT Where The Stories Are As Tall As The Headframes

1329  COBALT Where The Stories Are As Tall As The Headframes by Helene Culhane. Fascinating insights into the heart of this incredible town from the people who refuse to call anywhere else home, from interviews with Cobalt seniors. Also available in EBook formats.

Legend of Caroline Maben Flower

1076  The Legend of Caroline Maben Flower Lady Prospector of the Porcupine by Maggie Wilson. Caroline Maben Flower, a wealthy New York socialite in 1906, most certainly read the news of the fabulous riches in Northern Ontario. When she arrived in Cobalt, Caroline noted how the men made their fortunes at mining. She reckoned, if they could do it, so could she! Never one to let roadblocks stop her, she shouldered a pickaxe and set out to build a mine. Just as she did with her musical career, Caroline promoted herself and built a brand. In Cobalt, and later in the gold fields of the Porcupine, she traded on one notable asset: the fact that she was the only woman in the mining game.

Giachino's - CHS Puzzle

Giachino's a Cobalt puzzle from the Cobalt Historical Society. Features the building we're in now as it was 1945 as a grocery store

Silver and Ghosts

1331  Silver and Ghosts Creepy Cobalt and Region by Andrew Hind. Join author and historian Andrew Hind on a journey to Cobalt's haunted side, where the ethereal residents are unrestrained by mortal bonds.

Gordon Mitchell, Bush Pilot

Gordon Mitchell, Bush Pilot ~Family Memories and Movies by William Ronald Mitchell. Ron's book is as much a history of aviation as it is a family history, one of the best collections of bushplane photos. $24.95

Serving The North

1322  Serving The North The George Taylor Hardware Story by Bruce W. Taylor. The history of this northern Ontario hardware chain instrumental in the building of northern Ontario in the early 1900s. This small local hardware store grew into one of the largest wholesale hardware merchants in Northeastern Ontario and Northwestern Quebec. Also available as an EBook $19.95

They Stepped Into Immortality

They Stepped Into ImmortalityThe Stories Behind the World War I Veterans Listed On The New Liskeard Cenotaph by André Maheu. Limited edition hard cover-2 copies left at $79.95. Now also as a softcover reprint. $49.95

Mining in Temagami

Mining in Temagami A History of Discovery, Development and Production by Dustin Roy. Dustin collects the information about past mining activities throughout the Municipality of Temagami in Northeastern Ontario, Canada. Maps, diagrams and beautiful colour photos bring this history to the forefront.

And many more titles. Have fun looking through the site.

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