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Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar 2021

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What is the Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar?

First of all, it's a BOOK, not a wall calendar. And since the 2013 edition it is also available in ebook formats.

Started in 1995 by Wordwrights Canada's Susan Ioannou, who published the issues through 1998, The Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar passed to Mekler & Deahl, Publishers. In 2002, the publication was acquired by White Mountain Publications. In short, each edition contains approximately 80 pages of detailed information on Canadian writing contests, awards and prizes, organized month by month according to their deadline dates. This reference makes much-needed information available for writers and gives them an incentive to polish and disseminate their work. By promoting the contests it also helps our literary magazines to stay afloat.

This is our eighteenth year doing the Contest Calendar.

Changes for this year: Because the site is now set up properly for taxes, the exact total will differ only because of the taxation rate in your province. There was no sane way to do this with the PayPal buttons alone. The shipping rates go by weight, and are very close to the mark. We apologize for any confusion this change may cause.

We try to post new contests, or changes in deadline dates on the Updates page through the year. The link for the submission of contest information is here. Choose the most convenient format, or copy the form into the body of an email and send it to us.

Awards for published books have also been listed so that authors and small publishers can consider their entries. Profiling our Canadian Awards can only mean greater importance is placed on them, and a greater understanding of their cultural significance can be obtained from coast-to-coast. A number of the awards programs exist for publishers, not authors, to submit their books for competition. These usually have quite a bit of prestige and cash attached to them. They are listed in the Contest Calendar because, as a writer, you should know about them as well. Many of you are small publishers; some of you have books published by smaller presses. If you think your book may qualify for an award, a quick consultation with your publisher may mean the difference between it being entered or not. And I think it helps for you to know what kinds of awards there are for your goal setting. But to bring the book back down to size, and keep it focused on its usefulness to writers the name of the award, the deadline, the genre and the contact information are the only information printed in the book.

If you think that you'd ever have time to write and still know where to find all this information, collect it, and organize it, let me know. There are over 400 database lines to confirm each year, some found very few other places yet. Some contest information is not available on the internet. Geographically, the contests cover Canada from Whitehorse to Windsor, Victoria to St. John's. Every year there contests started and contests discontinued. And by far the changes are the addresses, email, mail and websites. Anyone who says they could compile all of this on their own, has never tried to do it.

There is an exciting diversity of opportunities for Canadian writers. And it's all in one place so you don't have to look for them.

Check out the 2021 edition index here. | Entry Tracking Form

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