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Geneaology References
from The Temiskaming Geneaology Group

The index of births, deaths and marriages from the New Liskeard Speaker (later the Temiskaming Speaker) was a project of the Temiskaming Abitibi Heritage Association, assisted by an "Experience '93" Grant from the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Recreation. The research was done by Student Researcher, Sally Rogers.

The New Liskeard Speaker, which still exists today as the Temiskaming Speaker, was founded in February of 1906 by father and son team, E. F. and A. E. Stephenson, and was published weekly under these two men until 1938. It was then taken over by C. E. Bond, who established the Temiskaming Printing Company and changed the name of the newspaper to the Temiskaming Speaker.

Besides the Speaker there were several other newspapers in the area. Two of these, the Cobalt Weekly Post and the Haileyburian combined with the Speaker in 1962 and are now known as the Temiskaming Speaker. In the 1970s A. J. Wright took over the Speaker with Don Curry as the editor.

The information in these modest cerelux-bound books has proved valuable to those tracing their origins in the region.

All books 11" x 8½" in size, with cerelux binding.

Births, Deaths, & Marriages New Liskeard Speaker 1906-1912

WMPub#1003, 59 pages, $9.00 CDN

Births, Deaths & Marriages New Liskeard Speaker 1913-1920

WMPub#1004, 66 pages, $9.50 CDN

Births, Deaths & Marriages New Liskeard Speaker 1920-1924

WMPub#1005, 81 pages, $10.95 CDN

Births, Deaths & Marriages New Liskeard Speaker 1925-1929

WMPub#1006, 141 pages, $12.00 CDN

Births, Deaths & Marriages Temiskaming Herald 1905-1912

WMPub#1007, 16 pages, $6.00 CDN

Crown Land Sales Temiskaming 1894-1901

WMPub#1008, 64 pages, $8.00 CDN

Baptism, Marriage & Burial Records of the Rural Churches of Temiskaming ~The United Church of Canada 1909-1968

WMPub#1126, 110 pages, $15.00 CDN

Registry of Baptisms (1899-1918) & Marriages (1898-1947) St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, New Liskeard, Ontario

WMPub#1127, 68 pages, $15.00 CDN