Northern Ontario Poetry Competition
Online Entry

Next deadline is May 31, 2019

Contest Entry By EMail and E-Transfer *new since 2017

Prepare Your Entry: If there is more than one poem, include them all in one document, with each new poem on a separate page, please. Format the poem(s) as a .doc, .odt, or .PDF document.

Send Your Entry: Attach the poem file to an email including your Name; Mailing Address including Postal Code; Phone; Email: and Poem Title(s) and email it to: the registrar. If you are sending an Interac Transfer and have changed the security response from the one suggested below, include your correct answer to the security question.

Send Your Entry Fee: The Entry Fee varies by $1.00 for the first poem ($6.00 instead of $5.00 to cover the fees and printing; $5.00/poem after the first poem. (Stamps cost more than that.)

Then either use the PayPal link below for your poetry entry by selecting the number of poems you are entering, putting your name in the field given, then clicking on the PayPal button here OR send an Interac Electronic payment through your banking system to for the correct amount. Suggested Security Question: What is this for? Answer: NOPC

Number of Poems
Poet's Name

Deadline: Electronic Submissions must be received by midnight May 31st.

Rights: By entering the contest you are giving White Mountain Publications first Canadian rights for publication in print and possible ebook distribution, AND the option to collect all the years' poems into a multi-year compilation at some point. You are free to market your poem(s) in other places, but you should inform them if it has appeared in this anthology.

Download all the rules for your off-line convenience.

How to get copies of the Collections (poetry books)?

Thank you for your interest in the Competition, and best wishes for your success.