I've Got To Stop Here Until I'm Called for ~Hudson Township

"I've Got To Stop Here
Until I'm Called For"
Chronicles of Hudson Township
by Norman R. Hawirko
and Margaret Arnott.

History of Hudson Township. Includes the pre-European settlement, early homesteading, lumbering, agricultural development, mineral exploration and other topics including a survey of all lots organized by concessions.

ISBN: n/a | WMPub#7980 | 11" x 8½"
226 pages with index, spiral bound | $24.95

Table of Contents

Pre-European Settlement

Geographical Setting

Early Homesteading

Life in the Country


Agricultural Development

Mineral Exploration

Early Transportation

Governments and Programmes

Catastrophic Fires and the Great Fire of 1922

Serving Country

Looking to the Future

Appendix A: Lot Histories

Appendix B: Voters List of 1936