Lini Grol

The Books of Lini Grol

Lini Richarda Grol, is a retired registered nurse originating from the Netherlands. Her writing and illustrations can be found in publications in Holland, Belgium, South Africa, Canada and the United States.

She has been on several television programs, and hosted her own show for four seasons on Cable TV in the Niagara area, to promote creative people and their work. She founded the Canadian Poets Penclub and published 11 books for them.

For her work she received an award from the Laura Secord Company, the Canadian Authors Award from the Canada Club of Hamilton, and the Bourgoyne Award from the Y.W.C.A. of St. Catharines.

She was a member of the Canadian Authors Association - Niagara Branch, as well as of the Association of Professional Women Writers, of Niagara Falls, NY, the Tower Poetry Society, of Hamilton and other creative associations. In 1967 she founded Trillium Books as a Centennial project. She continued to be a vital, creative and prolific writer in Brampton, ON until her passing August 1, 2018 at the age of 105.

Without her early influence and encouragement, this publishing company may not have developed into what it is today. Before her retirement to Brampton, we acquired an inventory of her books, and have finally assembled the information for you here. The books are in pristine condition, some of them numbered, some signed. Some are the last of their print runs, and when they have found good homes, there are no more.


Fidelio The Faithful Cat

Fidelio -The Faithful Cat

A fine Halloween story about a witch with a bad broomstick and her cat Fidelio, who knew just when to keep a secret!
Illustrated with trademark Lini Grol scissor-cut silhouettes of amazing complexity throughout. (Ages 2-9) Laminated soft cover in Halloween orange.

ISBN: 0-919968-50-3 | WMPub#1066 | $5.95 CDN
20 pages 7"x 8½" stapled (chapbook)

Lelawala-A Legend of the Maid of the Mist

A re-telling of the legend of Niagara Falls' Maid of the Mist. Exquisite freehand scissor cut illustrations. Energy reading for Ages 2-10

Collector's edition | Hard Cover | Limited number left. | $12.00 CDN | 48 pages | 5.5 x 8½"

Tales From the Niagara Peninsula

Tales from The Niagara Peninsula

A fantasy collection of four short stories set in the Niagara Peninsula: Themaka-The Runaway Bride; Welland's History (As it is not found in School Books); Our Niagara River; Fidelio-The Faithful Cat.

Exquisite freehand scissor cut illustrations.

Collector's edition | Hard Cover | Limited number left. | $12.00 CDN | 44 page | 5½" x 8½"

Scissors Craft

(Hard Cover or Soft Cover) The book that explains how to do some of those incredible scissor cuttings that grace many of her books. Limited number of each left.

WMPub#1070 | Hard Cover | $12.00 CDN | 8.5 x 5" | 54 pages

WMPub #1071 | Soft Cover | $10.00 CDN | 8½" x 5" | 54 pages

From A Nurse's Diary

From A Nurse's Diary

Poetry from a nurse's perspective, probing issues presented by patients in her nursing days.

WMPub# 1073 | ISBN: 0-919968-53-8 | Soft cover | 48 pages | $6.95 CDN



Poetry and illustrations on mothers' and their relationships. An especially nice little book to give on Mother's Day.

WMPub#1135 | ISBN: 1-199968-39-2 | 32 pages | 4.5" x 7" | soft cover chapbook | $5.95 CDN

Silent Thoughts and Silhouettes

Silent Thoughts & Silhouettes

Poetry with exquisite scissors cut illustrations as only Lini Grol can create

WMPub#1078 | Limited number left. | Hard Cover | $12.00 CDN | 60 pages | 6 x 9" | perfect bound

WMPub#1077 | Soft Cover Cover | $10.00 CDN | 60 pages | 6 x 9" | perfect bound

Magic Gifts

Magic Gifts

Three short Christmas stories together in one hard cover book with those fabulous scissor cut graphics make a wonderful short story collection.

ISBN: 0-919968-07-4 | WMPub#1069 | Hard Cover | 32 pages | 5½" x 8.25" | $10.00 CDN

With Love From Holland

With Love From Holland

Poetry and Short Stories together with those fabulous scissor cut graphics make a wonderful short story collection to read over and over again. Includes:

The Immigrant; Yesterday's Holland; Meeting; Home Bound Letters; Gerry and the Ugly Woman; Because They Came; Holland's Liberation 1945; The Secret of the Box of Candy; Fowl Days, Home Is; A Matter of the Heart; Being a Godparent; St. Nicholas Surprise; Letters From Home; Memento; The Adventures of a Pedicular Person; The Mystery of the Music Box; My Most Cherished Doll.and The Dandelions.

ISBN: 0-919968-49-X | WMPub#1075 | 44 pages | soft cover chapbook | 5½" x 8½" | $5.95 CDN

Of Love and Laughter

Of Love and Laughter

Collection of poetry and short stories to warm the heart. Includes: The Ballad of the Peanut-Butter Lovers; The Turkey Strike; What Will Be Will Be; The Road To Fame and Fortune; Home; The Newcomers; Great Expectations; They Never Said "I Love You"; My Most Guarded Secrets; Aunt Nelly and the Machines; The Dream; Christmas Tradition; and Hope.

ISBN: 0-919968-51-1 | WMPub#1074 | Soft Cover Chapbook | 48 pages | 5½"x 8½" | $5.95 CDN