Work Songs -Poems to Celebrate Work Cover Art by John Burns

Work Songs
Poems to Celebrate Work
by Michael Fitzgerald

Michael Fitzgerald

Michael Fitzgerald is the author of many books of poetry, non-fiction and children' literature. He has studied at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, Earlham College and the Iowas Writers' Workshop. He has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, received an Ackerman Nicholson Fellowship and Garrabrandt Poetry Medallion.

He has worked on projects for the Association for Bahá'í Studies, the center for Science in the Public Interest, Defenders of Wildlife, the Folger Shakespeare Library, the National Federation for the Blind, National Public Radio, the Smithsonian Institution, the US Public Interest Research Group and others.

Praise for Michael Fitzgerald's Poetry

"I love Michael Fitzgerald's poems. They are lucid, original, powerful and deeply human."

Thomas Lux, Sarah Lawrence College

"To read Fitzgerald is to discover one's own humanity."

Roger White, Haifa, Israel

"It is a pleasure to find so many well-crafted lyrics under one cover."

Pete Hulme, United Kingdom Bahá'í Journal

"& something genuine in every poem."

Alice Quinn, Poetry Editor, The New Yorker

Table of Contents Cover Art by John Burns

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Table of Contents

7   Song for the Workers

8   Ballot

9   The New World Guitar

10 We, the Determined

10 A Poem for the Disabled

11 Windows on Worship

12 Bookseller with Coffeehouse

13 On Light

14 Men's Song

15 There is a Seat at the Table

16 World Religion and the World Bank

17 Diner Days

18 The Working Vacation

19 The Uses of Art

20 Lament for Specialists

21 An Evening Performance

22 To Play With Feeling

23 Rock Musician with a Ph.D.

24 Handworks Gallery Vignette

25 A Surmise of Elegance

26 The Roots of Jazz

27 Jazz Song

28 Concert Night

29 World Music Medley

30 Canaveral Couplets

31 Spading the Earth

32 Cover Crops

33 Each Note, A Pearl

34 Jazzman

35 The Environmentalist

36 The Developer's Dream

37 Cabbies, Singers and Senators

38 Those Hands, That Face

39 On Architecture: Notes on a Virginia Town

40 Facing the Lions

41 Two Black Scholars

42 Homage Due, Homage Paid

43 Kind of Blue

44 Apocalypse Dream

45 Real People, Real Town

46 After Work

47 A Calling

48 This Grace, This Leverage

49 To Dance

50 The Mind of God

51 Renaissance Man

53 Masonry

54 Road-Time

55 Road-Rage and the Well-Mannered Executive

56 Rock'n' Roll Diva

57 The Luck of Flight

58 Loading Dock Blues

59 Buddhist Economics

60 Writer

60 Notice

61 For Love of Writing

62 Work Still To Do

68 A Window on Possibility

69 Editors and Fishermen

70 Our Low-Fat Library

71 Three Generals

72 The Community of Scholars

73 This I Believe

74 Wood-Grain

75 The Tao of Music

76 An Ode to Music

77 Work Poem

78 Work as Worship

79 God, the Potter