Moose Factory Cree- new cover for reprinted edition

Moose Factory Cree
by Daisy Turner

Daisy Margaret Turner was born at Fort Albany in 1918 and was educated at the Moose Fort Residential School. She married William Turner in 1938, and has eleven children and many grandchildren. Mrs. Turner has worked as a teacher's aide at the Moose Factory School and a nurse's aide at the Moose Factory General Hospital. She lived in Moose Factory where she wrote this book. The material was compiled by Mrs. Dot Watt, with translation by Mrs. Nellie Faries and Mrs. Clara Moore. The illustrations were done by Moose Factory students.

Daisy Turner

This book is an introduction to Cree syllabics which was prepared for use in the Moose Factory schools. It has been used there as an aid to help Indian children to remain familiar with the written form of the Cree language which they now use for much of their schooling.

The book has also become popular with visitors to the area who have found it an interesting and encouraging record of the efforts made by the people of Moose Factory to restore their cultural heritage.

Originally published in 1974 by the Highway Book Shop, this edition includes all the revisions and the 2 CDs that Daisy recorded in 2001 with the pronunciations in the book. The cover has been freshened with colour, and it has a new ISBN so that it can be tracked for ordering through this office. We are pleased to assist in preserving this part of native culture.

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ISBN: 9781894747875 | WMPub# 1147 | 8½" x 11"
72 pages; stapled and 2 CDs | $34.95

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