Sterling Women of Cobalt cover

The Sterling Women of Cobalt
by Debra B. North

Preserving the untold stories of the early women in Cobalt, The Sterling Women of Cobalt delves into the lives of more than 45 women who came to Cobalt from various parts of the world between 1903 and 1914.

These tales are ones of strength, courage and perseverance in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. This book includes over 370 photos, many of which have never been published before.

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320 pages; trade paperback | $37.95

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 6

Introduction 7

Part One: The Firsts 9

Chapter 1: Catherine Legris: The Path to Long Lake 10

Chapter 2: Elizabeth MacEwen: Cobalt's First Teacher 21

Chapter 3: Annie Saunders: Cobalt's First Nurse 35

Part Two: Life in Town .53

Chapter 4: Emma Brewer and Clara Campbell: Wives of Liveryman and Chauffeur 54

Chapter 5: Ophra Smith: A Pioneer's Life 64

Chapter 6: Effie DeWolfe: Blacksmith's Daughter and Prospector's Wife 77

Chapter 7: Alson Creighton and Gertrude Gartside: Cousins 86

Part Three: Unusual Experiences 100

Chapter 8: Jessica Dixon: Nurse, Wife, and Mother 101

Chapter 9: Catherine Caldbick: Wife of Ontario's First OPP Officer 108

Chapter 10: Katherine Hair: Doctor's Wife 115

Chapter 11: Florence Lang: Wife of Mine Owner and Cobalt's 2nd Mayor

Chapter 12: Janet Linton: Cobalt's First Nurse with the VON 130

Chapter 13: Blanche Toy: Inter-racial Marriage 138

Part Four: Frenchtown, Finntown and Syrians 147

Chapter 14: Frenchtown: Célanise-Selene Despres and Blanche Gauthier 148

Chapter 15: Finntown: Frida (Ida) Vilinius 161

Chapter 16: Syrians: Selena Chamandy 176

Part Five: Outside Town Limits 188

Chapter 17: Rachel Ferris at Cross Lake 190

Chapter 18: Laura Irwin at Kerr and Giroux Lakes 204

Chapter 19: Eva Buckler at Mile 104; Agnes Clark and Nancy Groom at Port Cobalt 215

Chapter 20: Letitia Bower, Jessie Bowers and Annie Seed, in Firstbrook Township 223

Part Six: Mine Manager's Wives 232

Chapter 21: Edith Smith [Badger Mine]; Mary Rogers [Coniagas Mine], and Laura Jones [Buffalo Mine], 233

Chapter 22: Gwen Livermore, [Kerr Lake Mine] 245

Chapter- 23: Maude Hylands, [Provincial Mine] 254

Part Seven: Working Women 266

Chapter 24: Employees 267

Boarding house: Chlorida Nixon, Katherine and Mary Sampson 267

Domestic: Nina Austin 271

Store Clerk: AziIda St. Laurent 272

Secretaries: Lucine and Janet Holden 274

Telegrapher: Agnes Chesser 274

Telephone operator: Miss McCurdy 276

Stenographer, Postal Worker and Photo Developer: Mary Foster 277

Type Setter: Annie McPhee 281

Chapter 25: Female Business Owners 283

Restaurant and Boarding house: Elizabeth Harrington 283

Milliners: Mrs. S. A. Campbell and Mrs. J. A. MacDougall 285

Photographer: Maly McCrea 290

Chapter 26: Prostitutes 292

In Conclusion 308

List of the Years the Sterling Women Arrived 310

Selected References 311

Index 314