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December 23, 2020

Warmest Holiday Wishes

While it's hard to know how to celebrate this year, let's just be mindful of how lucky we are, and be thankful for it.

Instead of the usual promotions and new titles in this newsletter, I'd like to share a few thoughts instead. You can find all our new stuff on the home page. There, I've even hyperlinked it for you.

It has been an unexpected year. If you are thinking you'll hear a litany of complaints, you will be disappointed. It has been a good year for us.

During the first COVID-19 shut down we had the time to catch up on the accounting, clean out and renovate the shaft room and typeset seven books. It was a return to my near-normal and although I missed the people, it was productive. It certainly helped to set up the rest of the year. And with the new shutdown from December 26 to January 9th (or so), we'll catch up on the accounting, typeset next year's books and get to see what came in the 47 boxes of books that arrived during October/ November. An extended Christmas, if you will. That's what it always feels like when we're opening up the boxes of donated books for our pre-loved book selections. People bring in the most amazing books. We're always learning something new.

People have been great; we've always had the best customers. I have always said that book store customers are the best; they are literate, articulate, opinionated, usually well-informed in some area that adds to my own. Oh, and civilized, mannered, I could go on. They come in masked, and we don our mask when we give the 'tour' of the book store and a bit of the mining history of this unique building, and Cobalt in general. And maybe we're doing something right, because many of them keep coming back, even if it's the once a year when they're in the area. I'm having a great time doing what I love to do. And it's not luck--I planned out most of it. Except the good time part--that seems to happen on its own. And I am grateful.

So we will continue to be busy. We are cautious, but not paranoid. It's a small store, and in the past six years I can count on four fingers the times there were more than 5 people in the store at one time. Usually it's ones and twos, so there's space. We want you to be comfortable. We have always wiped down screens, debit terminals, counters, so this is not a new protocol. It just happens more often now. Any of the pre-loved books going into our shelves are cleaned before they find their new (temporary) home. The new books are coming straight from the printers. No one is coming here to eat off the floors, and it's not a hospital. But it's as safe as we can make it, for both of us.

So we'd love to see you again when it is safer to do so. Stay well. Have a wonderful Christmas and blessed and bountiful New Year.


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