Claybelt Memories 3 cover

Claybelt Memories,
Stories From Previous Generations
Volume 3

After the success of our Claybelt Chronicles project of interviews with seniors of the area, we started to realize that we had missed some of the stories of the previous generations. Although many of them had passed on, fortunately some of them had written memoirs which were generously shared with us by their families.

In addition, starting in 1992 the Little Claybelt Homesteaders Museum had interviewed several seniors and their stories have also been included in this book. The lives of some had been documented by family members, an organization, or the Temiskaming Speaker. Still others were found in the Womens' Institutes Tweedsmuir histories.

This book is a collection of some of these stories. Our thanks go to the many authors for helping us to capture this past for future generations.

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Table of Contents

3 Introduction

4 Table of Contents

6 John Alexander Aitchison

10 Andrews, Etta Amelia (née Tubman)

14 Frank Judson Armstrong

21 Hugh Oswald Armstrong

24 John Armstrong

29 Dr. Thomas John Barnardo

32 Beardmore, Edwin (Ted)

35 The Bowman Family

38 The Bray Family

40 Brown Family History

46 Charles Caldwell Family

48 John Cook Family

50 Fielder, Elsie (née Barker)

58 Sam Hammond and family

62 Cecil Hawn

64 Archie Hetherington

66 James Thompson Hillcoat

70 Robert Granger Howie

76 The Jarvis Family

78 The Children of Dan and Susannah Jarvis

79 Pioneering in New Ontario Since 1900

84 A. J. (Angus John) Kennedy

88 The Logan Family

89 The Logans And The Northern Saga

92 Northern Saga

92 Chapter 1

94 Chapter 2

96 Chapter 3

98 Chapter 4

100 Chapter 5

102 Chapter 6

104 Chapter 7

106 Early Days in Temiskaming by Stan Logan

113 Mayors Of New Liskeard

117 Mayors Of Temiskaming Shores

118 Thomas (Tom) McCamus

120 Elizabeth McLaren

123 Arthur Messenger Family

126 Betty Elizabeth Martha Catherine Moore (née Palmer)

130 William Kennedy Neill

135 William (Bill) Kennedy Neill

141 The Richard Parker Family, Uno Park

146 Temiskaming District in 1897 Was Raw, Rugged, But Great Land

150 Schoenijahn Family

152 Shankland Family

161 George and Belinda Tighe

165 The Tuckers Who Settled At Bay View Farm

169 Horace Whorley

173 Nathanial Wickett

175 Index